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We have on-staff therapists that specialize in treatment for chronic or acute pain and injuries as well as stroke patients.

We work with your doctors as well as MRIs and x-rays to properly treat your pain.

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  • Robin Portnoy
    Posted March 19, 2022 12:39 pm 0Likes


    I am a 65yr old female in need of PT and have a medical script with images that include Thoracic MRI, Cervical MRI and 360 degree Spinal Xray done at HSS/Dr Castellano.
    My lifelong back symptom ( ‘frozen’ mid back muscle RIGHT side along spine) is chronic based on Scheuermanns which was diagnosed at around age 12. Shoulder and neck symptoms (LEFT side) which were chronic for decades are now sporadically acute and prevent sleeping. I do not know if the shoulder and neck issues are the result of Scheurmann’s, the vertebra (T3) which is more or less always tender on its LEFT side or the cervical disc degeneration revealed in the MRI.

    I seek a PT plan that utilizes multiple modalities in an environment where massage therapy is also available (dry rolling and lifting along spine for release seems to work best.)

    Please ring or email any time with input on how your practice may be able to satisfy all or any of my needs.

    Robin Portnoy

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